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Your tax-deductible donation helps fund sponsorships for education, rehabilitation, and performance enhancement services for at-risk athletes and individuals. It also helps provide support for schools, organizations or communities in need of assistance whose goals align with the TB12 Foundation’s mission.

How You Can Help

Sponsor One TB12 Treatment Session Each Week for a Year:

 A donation of $10,000 will pay for one TB12 treatment session each week for TB12 Foundation clients for a year.

  • TB12 treatment sessions involve an hour of one-on-one treatment with a TB12 Body Coach and are comprised of deep-force muscle pliability work, functional strength & conditioning, and programming related to nutrition, hydration, and cognitive fitness.  These sessions are part of TB12’s innovative approach to injury recovery and performance enhancement.

Sponsor a Recovery Pop-Up:

A donation of $7,500 will pay for a team of TB12 Body Coaches to visit an event or location with TB12 equipment and execute a “Recovery Pop-Up” for deserving athletes. Examples of Recovery Pop-Ups include treatment at charity walk/run events, after marathons or triathlons, etc.

Recovery Pop-Ups include:

  • 10 to 15 minute deep-force muscle pliability work sessions for an average of 40 participants.
  • Instruction for athletes on how to use devices to create and maximize muscle pliability at home .
  • One-on-one time with TB12 Body Coaches to discuss any questions pertaining to performance and recovery.

Sponsor an Injury Recovery & Prevention Package:

A donation of $5,550 will help an athlete complete a full course of post-injury treatment to get back to doing what they love and reduce the risk of future injury. On average, athletes attending TB12 for post-injury recovery require approximately 30 sessions with a TB12 Body Coach.

Sponsor an Athlete:

A donation of $1,500 will be cover the typical cost of an athlete’s initial course of treatment with a TB12 Body Coach at a TB12 Performance & Recovery Center, plus all necessary gear and equipment related to recovery.

Sponsor a Program in Need:

A donation of $1,000 will go toward the donation of TB12 supplies (e.g., Vibrating Pliability Rollers, Vibrating Pliability Spheres, resistance bands, electrolytes, etc.) to a deserving school, program, or facility.

Sponsor an On-Going TB12 Foundation Partnership:

A donation of $500 will go toward deepening partnerships with organizations that the TB12 Foundation has helped over the years (e.g., Mass Fallen Heroes, Haymakers for Hope, and St. Jude).

Sponsor a Functional Movement Profile:

 A donation of $100 dollars will go toward providing Foundation clients with a Functional Movement Profile.

The Functional Movement Profile identifies and addresses:

  • Structural alignment
  • Movement asymmetries
  • Helps Body Coaches understand compensatory movement patterns to then assist with developing and then implementing an individualized program

How to Make a Donation

Donating Online

Please click the Donate button in order to complete your transaction.

TB12 Foundation will provide electronic tax receipts for all donations of $250 or more.

For donations of $5,000 or more, please contact [email protected] for information.

Donating by Mail

To donate by mail, please send a check payable to “TB12 Foundation, Inc.” to:

TB12 Foundation Donations
P.O. Box 269
Foxboro, MA 02035