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Helping Athletes Maximize Their Health and Potential


The TB12 Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded by three-time NFL MVP and seven-time Super Bowl winning quarterback Tom Brady.  Its mission is to help educate and inspire athletes to excel in both sports and life by providing access to innovative health and wellness resources that support preparation, performance and recovery.  It empowers those at-risk to overcome economic or health-related obstacles to reach their performance goals.

Application Process

The TB12 Foundation is focused on serving at-risk athletes and others who would not ordinarily be able to access or afford high-quality post-injury rehabilitation and/or performance enhancement training.  These services are provided by TB12 certified Body Coaches at our TB12 Performance and Recovery Centers in Foxboro, and Tampa.

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Your tax-deductible donation helps fund sponsorships for education, post injury, rehabilitation, and performance enhancement services for at-risk athletes and individuals. It also helps provide support for schools, organizations or communities in need of assistance whose goals align with the TB12 Foundation's mission.