Helping Athletes Maximize Their Health and Potential

Run With Us in 2021!

We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to operate charity teams in three races in 2021 – the Boston Marathon, TCS New York City Marathon, and the Falmouth Road Race! Please fill out the form linked below to let us know you’re interested in running with us, and the TB12 Foundation will contact you with more info. 

TCS New York City Marathon

Helping Athletes Maximize Their Health and Potential

The TB12 Foundation was founded in 2015 by seven-time Super Bowl champion quarterback Tom Brady. Its mission is to empower athletes everywhere to do what he’s done in his own storied career – keep going despite the odds.

We aim to help athletes improve longevity, prevent injury and stay on the field, court, track or course doing what they love better — and for longer.  The TB12 Foundation has been able to help at-risk athletes access the practitioners and programming they need — including pliability treatments, functional strength & conditioning, and advice related to nutrition, hydration, and cognitive health — to overcome injuries or obstacles that would otherwise keep them sidelined.

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