When selecting applicants, we look at…

Financial Need

Does the applicant require financial sponsorship from the TB12 Foundation in order to obtain high- quality post-injury rehabilitation or performance enhancement services? (For example, would the cost of sessions at the TB12 Center and/or the cost of travel to Foxboro be prohibitive without outside assistance?)

Athletic Potential

Does the applicant have a high level of athletic potential (i.e., is the athlete a serious contender for competition at the level of the Olympic or Pan-American Games) that could be improved through access to targeted post-injury rehabilitation and/or performance enhancement services?

Enthusiasm & Motivation

Is the applicant highly motivated to succeed in the field of amateur athletics? Does the applicant display a high level of enthusiasm and commitment for learning about approaches for sustaining peak performance and for continuing to apply knowledge gained through his/her experience after the completion of sponsored training?

Applicants will be asked to provide:

  • Information about their parents’ financial situation (including tax return) for the most recent year.
  • Information about their own financial situation (including tax return) for the most recent year.
  • A list of their athletic achievements to date.
  • A description of their athletic aspirations.
  • An essay describing why they are seeking financial sponsorship — how they think the TB12 Foundation can help them in their pursuit of sustained peak performance.

Please note that only amateur athletes can be considered for sponsorship by the TB12 Foundation

(i.e., we are not able to consider applications from professional athletes).

Apply now

You can apply by mailing a completed application form to the address below.  Note that an online application form will be available soon.


TB12 Foundation Application Review
240 Patriot Place
Foxboro MA 02035